Obama Hilariously Points Finger At The Media For Trump Winning Rural America

President Obama is a funny man. The reason being is it’s funny listening to a Democrat blame the media for any of their troubles. The media went out of their way to cover for Obama on a variety of fronts, particularly when he’d blame Republicans for not getting anything done. The press stories of Obama bemoaning the lack of Republican “help” on Obamacare, quickly became a media narrative: Obamacare can easily be fixed, so these problems are on Republicans.


Now, Obama is pointing the finger of blame at the press for Trump doing so well with rural voters:

“Tom — Tom Vilsack, my agriculture secretary from Iowa. We — we devoted more attention, more focus, put more resources into rural America than has — has been the case probably for the last two, three decades,” Obama told David Axelrod, a White House senior adviser, in an interview for CNN.

“And — and it paid great dividends, but you just wouldn’t know that, that’s not something that you would see on the nightly news,” Obama said.

“And so we’ve got to figure out how do we show people and communicate in a way that is visceral and — and makes an emotional connection as opposed to just the facts,” Obama continued, “because the facts are all in dispute these days.”

Obama’s comments reveal the mindset of the modern leftist. “Put more resources” means “Spent more money.” If it paid great dividends, people would know, Mr. President. Instead, you’re assuming they’re clueless on just how much you did for them because they can’t deal with “facts.” They need the “emotional connection.”

The President, like most Democrats, believe spending a lot of money is a solution. They “invest” $6.5 billion in one year. Nobody sees the supposed “benefits, ” and they’re dumbfounded to learn people aren’t eager to vote for them.


It is always the same with Democrats when they lose. “We’re the best. Our ideas are the best. Our policies are the best. We’re the bestest best-best of all the rest! It’s just voters are too dumb to see it. So we need to communicate better with the rural simps, and then we’ll win!”

The message the Democrats have sent these rural voters since the election, is two-fold:

  1. “These hayseeds in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, and Pennsylvania don’t deserve to have their candidate win because their betters in California and New York have spoken!”
  2. “These dummies just don’t get how good they have it with us. We need to communicate better to these morons. Otherwise, they won’t vote for us.”

Sure, that will work.



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