This Map Shows Senate Democrats Are In Real Trouble In 2018


In the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats are in a much more perilous position than Republicans. The GOP appears they can hold on to the seats of theirs that are up for reelection with Nevada being the one state that could be at risk.

As for Democrats, the GOP is looking at possible gains in the following states:

Florida, Virginia, West Virgina, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, North Dakota and Montana.

Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin and Bob Casey in Pennsylvania are likely safe, but they’re not shoe-in winners.

Much of what happens in 2018 depends on what happens over the next two years. Democrats were hoping Donald Trump was going to fill his cabinet with a bunch of crazies, but instead, Trump has put together a cabinet so far, has impressed Republicans, conservatives who were wary of what Trump would do and even some Democrats. Some choices have made Democrats flip their lids, but that was to be expected.

Unless Trump’s first two years are in his words, a “total disaster,” Republicans are going to find themselves with a good chance to increase their Senate majority.

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