Associated Press Tweets Awful, Misleading and Dangerous Description of Officer Involved Shooting

Cops have it bad enough when it comes to firing at suspects. With talking heads, pundits, President Obama and “civil rights” leaders such as Al Sharpton looking for “racist” cops around every corner, it becomes imperative the media report news accurately.


The Associated Pressed issued a tweet describing an officer involved shooting as the cop shooting an “unarmed black motorist.” Right. “Unarmed” except for a 5,000-pound truck. Here is the tweet with the video. Make sure you watch all the way to the end.

Does that look like a cop shooting at an “unarmed black motorist?” What I see is a copy doing what he had to do to keep from being dragged to death.

A grand jury refused to charge the officer, Lucas Jones. His account, in this story, matches that of the dashcam video. Yet the Associated Press still decided to “report” the story in the irresponsible way they did.



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