My Advice For Madonna, Who Is Ashamed To Be An American

The left surely is a strange lot. Has there ever been a more dissatisfied group of people? Whether it’s saying you’ve never been proud of the United States until they elected her husband as Michelle Obama did or claiming you’ll be packing your bags and moving to another country if Donald Trump wins the election, as some celebrities did, they’re always negative.


When whiny Trump supporters were chastising people in the #NeverTrump movement as quasi-Hillary supporters, I always argued our country has been through tougher challenges than a Hillary Clinton presidency, and I say the same to people cowering in fear over a Donald Trump presidency.

Donald Trump doesn’t have to return the country to greatness. America is already great. We see that through the election results. Sure, some left wing dipsticks went out protesting with their idiotic “Not My President” signs, but come January 21, 2017, the country will transfer power from one President to another, peacefully.

So when I see Madonna talking about how she’s “ashamed” to be an American, no matter what the reason, it just annoys me to no end. 

The staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, who had promised to perform sexual favors for those who voted for the Democratic presidential nominee, revealed she’d “slept in Donald Trump’s bed.”

“Now don’t go jumping to conclusions because he wasn’t in that bed. He wasn’t anywhere near that bed. He wasn’t even in the room. I was just doing a photo shoot in Palm Beach for the Versace campaign in his house,” she said, before criticizing the president-elect’s sheets. “I just want to mention that his sheets were not 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Yes. Cheap slumlord. Here’s what I’m wondering: Do you think he’s going to have nice sheets in the White House? Here’s one thing I’m sure of. They won’t be Egyptian cotton because we all know how he feels about Muslims, don’t we?”

She also spoke passionately about the plight of Native Americans and asked why their land was being destroyed.

“It just really makes me feel ashamed, ashamed to be an American, ashamed to be a human being, really,” she said before launching into “American Life.”


I wonder what she thinks of the irony that she lives in Manhattan, one of the first Native American lands that were “destroyed.”

The advice I have to Madonna if she’s so “ashamed” to be American is this:

If you’re ashamed, pack your bags and get your skanky old a** out of my country. 

She and Sean Penn can both move the paradise of Venezuela if they want. I’ve about had my fill of ungrateful celebrities, happy to make millions of dollars in this country, turn around and repeatedly slam it. Yes, I know….free speech. But freedom of expression allows for me to tell them to piss off.



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