Dear Trump Supporters: He Is A Politician So Of Course He'll Disappoint You

All during the Republican primaries and even into the general election, supporters of Donald Trump argued that one quality he had which separated him from everybody else in the race is that he’s not a politician. The “politicians” ruined the country according to supporters, and he was going to bring the change needed to Washington DC.


You’ve likely heard this story before. Governors used to have more success at winning Presidential elections because they could argue their “outsider” status to people. Twenty-four-hour cable news stations and the Internet has essentially rendered that talking point, moot.

So that left Trump. A true outsider in the sense that he never held elective office nor did he serve in the military. No other President held that distinction, so that made this a historic election in spite of Hillary Clinton. Therefore, among the most vocal Trump supporters was this idealistic outlook that President Trump, unlike President Other GOP (Or President Clinton) Person would change

Then Trump won the election. That changed everything.

During Trump’s run, a favorite chant heard at his rallies was, “Lock her up!” It’s a chant meant for Hillary Clinton. In the second debate, Donald Trump said Hillary would be “in jail” if Trump became President. He didn’t just accuse Clinton of being corrupt. He accused her of being a criminal.

So when the news broke that Donald Trump was not going to prosecute her, his supporters freaked out.

Better they know ahead of time this is not going to be the last time he is going to disappoint them. For Trump, everything is negotiable. And ironically, that makes him like most other politicians.


Here’s the good news: There’s nothing wrong with that. Negotiation is good. Give and take is good.

Too many conservatives have been content to look good and lose instead than look bad and win. It doesn’t always have to be that way. In some cases, Trump should fight Democrats to the political death. Trump should not waver at all should he choose a person worthy of replacing Justice Scalia.

But should he give in areas to get his tax plan passed? Certainly. Is he going to have to give concessions on Obamacare to replace it with something better? Of course.

This may leave some Trump supporters disappointed. Welcome to politics. Politicians are always going to disappoint you.





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