Obamacare In Trouble So The Trope of 'Free Birth Control' Is Once Again Front And Center (VIDEO)

Donald Trump will be our next President, and Obamacare hangs in the balance. Trump and Speaker of The House Paul Ryan are committed to repealing the Affordable Care Act (at least most of it) and replacing it with a more market-based solution.

Naturally, this is raising the hackles of those in the media who cheerleaded Democrats when the Obamacare disaster became law, and pooh-poohing any of the concerns expressed by Republicans, both at the time of passage and any point since.

The media’s immediate concern is all of the “free” stuff Obamacare promises, seemingly forgetting nothing provided by the government is in fact, “free.” There is a cost involved, and with Obamacare premiums set to rise by an average of 25% in 2017, there is a legitimate reason to put all options on the table.

Still, watch this video of CNN’s Jake Tapper grilling Paul Ryan about “free” birth control. UPDATE: Just wanted to note Tapper is asking Ryan about the employer mandate for birth control, not Medicaid. 

Thankfully, Ryan did not take the bait. Tapper was setting up a hypothetical as a means of getting Ryan to try and say it might be something not part of a new healthcare plan. Tapper is one of the best journalists in the business and when I see this conflation, it doesn’t bode well for other media outlets.

Then what? The headlines screaming, “Paul Ryan Says No More Free Birth Control!”

Trump has even been sworn into office, I am already getting weary.

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