Hillary Clinton And Her Supporters: The Worst Kind of Sore Losers

In all the years I have been actively engaged in the political process, I’ve seen candidates I support both win and lose. It happens. Some of those losses sting. When Mitt Romney lost in 2012, it was a bitter pill to swallow for Romney and his supporters. Romney and his supporters both handled the loss in the same way: Everyone licked their wounds and carried on with their lives.


If only the same thing could be said of Hillary Clinton and her supporters.

They have been carrying on like three-year-old toddlers screaming because they can’t have a cookie, as well as engaging in violence and reporting bogus accusations of violence against them.

The Associated Press was the first media outlet to declare Donald Trump was the winner of the 2016 election and before long, protests started springing up in major cities. Leftists, feeling entitled to an election win, began marching through the streets chanting, “Not our President!” and displaying some of the worst of what America has to offer the world. Yes, the people protesting have the right under the first amendment to protest all they want. The problem is with their attitudes. The election results were not a coup d’etat or some other nonsense found in a banana republic. Donald Trump was duly elected President based on the rules governing elections in the United States Constitution.

Naturally, the protests (some of which have turned violent) are nearly all taking place in cities where Hillary Clinton won:


In 2008, when Barack Obama won, conservatives and John McCain supporters were not marching in the streets the night of the election or any time after. As somebody said on Twitter, the anti-Trump protests are the result of raising a generation of kids to believe they deserve whatever they want and that nobody ever loses.


In addition to the protests, Reason reported on a number of hate crimes supposedly occurring as the result of a Trump win; that is purportedly allowing people to feel free to rape and pillage across the country. Naturally, upon closer examination, the stories are proving to be false largely and even when right, not having to do with any motivation related to Donald Trump.

That brings us to Hillary Clinton, herself. After losing what should have been a pretty winnable election, it would make sense for Hillary Clinton to sit down with her team and assess what happened and why they lost. It would be useful information for anybody that wants to challenge Trump in 2020. However, that kind of self-reflection would be grounds for accepting responsibility for something and Hillary Clinton does not do that.

Instead, Hillary chose to blame James Comey. In revealing what is either a stunning lack of self-awareness or just her innate penchant for blaming others for her troubles, she decided to attempt to make the case to donors the reason she lost states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio was due to letters sent by FBI Director James Comey to members of Congress about her emails.

I was completely wrong in not recognizing the economic anxiety felt by so many people across the United States when I predicted Trump would not win the election. The exit polls were clear. Nearly one-third of the electorate said their financial situation is worse now than it was four years ago. Nearly 80% of those people voted for Donald Trump. Two-thirds of Americans think the United States is on the “wrong track.” Trump won 70% of those people. Nearly half of all voters (47%) said Obamacare “went too far.” Trump won 83% of those voters.


Does Hillary Clinton believe voters in rust belt states give a rat’s rear end about James Comey and two letters he sent to Congress? Talk about not getting it.

It is why Hillary and her sycophants are the worst kinds of sore losers. They always feel they’re entitled to what they want and it is never their fault when things do not go their way.

Is it any wonder they lost?



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