Ana Marie Cox Says White Male FBI is Tampering With Election Like The Russians (Video)

Watching the left break into hives over the letter James Comey sent to Congress is rather amusing. For people that cheered every piece of bad news that came down on Donald Trump’s head for the last month; it’s hilarious to see them having fits as they try to convince themselves Comey is to blame if Hillary Clinton loses.


Polling has shown Comey’s letter has had little effect on the race. Any tightening in the polls is a natural consequence of election day nearing, not any impropriety on the part of the FBI. That Hillary Clinton is entirely t blame that she is seen as an untrustworthy liar.

Still, that hasn’t stopped some in the media from suggesting the FBI is to blame. In this clip, Ana Marie Cox not only blames the FBI, she compares them to the Russian government, who have been implicated in trying to interfere with the election:


One reason why the FBI might be so pro-Trump because it looks like a Trump rally. It’s largely male, largely white. I don’t think that you know, those are the people that Hillary — that, that go for Trump in general. I think it’s an interesting question to ask if the FBI were a more diverse place, would [Director James] Comey have been facing this insurrection? I don’t think so.

And I also think that if you point that kind of thing out, that the FBI is largely white and largely male and therefore kind of pro-Trump, that is Hillary’s argument in general. I mean, women and people of color are going to save this nation basically because we’re the ones that are immune to the call of this, you know, schizophrenic psychopath bigot.

I think that is, you know, this is par for the course in some ways. I mean it’s unprecedented. It’s the weaponization of transparency in a way. It’s one thing, it’s really disturbing. You expect Russia to tamper with our elections I guess but don’t expect the FBI to.


One can take issue with the racial and sexual make-up of the FBI but to suggest the FBI is “pro-Trump” is absurd. The Guardian article Cox and Tamron Hall were referencing disputes the notion agents are pro-Trump and in fact, see him as equally dangerous as Hillary Clinton.

As for this supposedly “unprecedented” move by the FBI, it shows the left cares little for history. Nothing was more unprecedented than special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh bringing an indictment against Ronald Reagan’s Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, days before the 1992 election.

Jim Comey wrote a letter. It’s time for people like Cox to get a grip.


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