Marco Rubio Calmly Watches Patrick Murphy Dig Himself A Hole and Promptly Buries Him In It (VIDEO)

Other elections are going on around the country, particularly in the Senate. Marco Rubio is battling Patrick Murphy in Florida to see who will win a Senate seat. For awhile, when Rubio had to drop out of the race, media outlets were saying Rubio’s political career was over. Some even said that during his disastrous debate just before the New Hampshire primary.


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ACU Chairman: Losing Florida ‘Could Destroy’ Marco Rubio’s Political Career — Breitbart (Good call, Schlapp)

Not only is Rubio’s career not over, but he’s also likely going to win his race against Patrick Murphy. Rubio is in fact, doing better against Murphy than Donald Trump is against Hillary Clinton.

In a debate with Murphy last night, the subject of Cuba came up, and Murphy thought he got one over on Rubio trying in vain, to tie him to Donald Trump. Watch what happens:

Murphy has run a pathetic campaign that consists of him saying to Rubio, “You have a bad voting record!” and “You like Donald Trump! Nyah nyah!”

Contrary to the mini-me carnival barkers, Marco Rubio is a solid conservative. He is not a liberal. He is not a RINO. Yes, he screwed up with the Gang of 8, but no politician is perfect.

Rubio will likely win on November 8th. That is good for Florida, and it is good for the country.



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