Screw The NFL: What This Guy Does While Singing The National Anthem At An NHL Game Is Amazing (VIDEO)

I’ve about had it with the NFL’s recent nonsense. Players are free to disrespect the flag, the country, and our national anthem by kneeling instead of standing with hand over heart. Roger Goodell allows it but will fine players for wearing colors that raise awareness for mental illness. The league just banned teams from sharing their highlights, whether it’s video or GIFs to team Twitter and Facebook accounts. It’s likely Roger Goodell is less popular than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.


Thankfully, we still have the NHL. The disease of cultural idiocy hasn’t permeated the ranks of hockey (at least for now) as it is still a sport where the singing of the national anthem is not just part of a checklist, but an event. Ask any NY Rangers fan, and they’ll be able to tell of the times they attended games and can still remember John Amirante belting out the national anthem to an adoring crowd.

I don’t know it is singing the national anthem in this video, but that’s not even the best part. Make sure you watch until the end. You don’t want to miss it.


To hell with you, Colin Kaepernick.


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