Bill Kristol Calls Out Morning Joe For Going Easy On Donald Trump

Many conservatives are frustrated with the way media outlets, who are happy to bash Donald Trump 24 hours a day, seven days a week now, were happy to give him a platform throughout 2015 and into early 2016.

Kristol was on “Morning Joe” today, and he blew up at one point because Mika and Joe were sitting there snickering about Donald Trump and Kristol didn’t think they were taking all of this too seriously. He then reminded them of the soft coverage they gave Trump throughout 2015 and into 2016, and suddenly their demeanor changed fast.

Joe and Mika got awfully defensive. Watch:

As for the “Nazi Germany” remark, Joe didn’t say that to Donald Trump when he was on the show. In fact, Joe wasn’t even really talking about Trump at all. He made the reference after citing a poll showing 50% of Trump supporters wanted Mosques in the United States shut down.

SCARBOROUGH: “On the New Hampshire PPP poll, 49 percent, almost 50 percent of Trump supporters support shutting down mosques in America. Shutting them down. Is this what Germany looked like in 1933? And I’m serious.”

BRZEZINSKI: “People have to ask themselves that question.”

SCARBOROUGH: “Is this what Germany looked like when 50 percent of a candidate’s supporters support shutting down houses of worship for an entire religion? There’s such a responsibility from conservatives, from Republicans to get out there and explain why this is wrong.”

Fusion has a detailed story with plenty of examples of how “tough” they were on Donald Trump. Hint: They weren’t.

Kristol was right to get upset at them about it.

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