Amanda Carpenter Asks: Where Is Mitch McConnell On Donald Trump? (VIDEO)

A GOP-controlled Senate hangs in the balance and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is nowhere to be found. It’s odd given it’s that body in Congress and not the House that is in trouble of going back to the Democrats. Does McConnell want to deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer?


With every utterance of mania driven stupidity that spills forth from Donald Trump’s mouth, he puts the Senate at risk by alienating voters to the point they may not vote down-ticket. It is time for the Majority Leader to show some leadership and not tell the media, “Don’t ask me about Donald Trump.”

Amanda Carpenter recognizes that, and she called out McConnell today on ‘The Lead’ with Jake Tapper:

Suffice to say, she’s right. Also, I think Paul Ryan needs to say something as well, not just issue statements through his press secretary.

As it stands now, Donald Trump is going to lose. Unless by some miracle he turns things around in the next two weeks, it’s over. Mitch McConnelle and Paul Ryan both need to whatever is possible to mitigate the damage and maintain a congressional majority when Hillary Clinton is elected President.



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