Florida Debate: Marco Rubio vs. Patrick Murphy - Live Feed And Open Thread

Unless I am mistaken, this will be the only debate between Senate hopefuls, Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Patrick Murphy.

Murphy is a silver spoon in the mouth trust fund baby millennial. After working with Dad he went off to Colorado to work as an accountant because he didn’t meet the standards he needed in Florida. He did that for a year, going back to work for Dad and making a ton of money off the 2010 BP oil spill (while being a Democrat that routinely blasts “big oil.” He is currently a member of the House, representing the 18th Congressional district.

Rubio, the son of Cuban exiles is a solid conservative despite all of the panty wadded screeching about “SHAMNESTY!” Rubio said initially he was not going to run again for this seat but once he suspended his Presidential campaign, Rubio was urged to run for re-election as he would be the best candidate to defeat Murphy.

Here is the live-stream of the debate. We welcome all comments!

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