Trump's New Post-Video Strategy: Attack Republicans Being Mean To Him

One would think if you have people calling on you to step down from your role as the GOP nominee and rescinding endorsements, it might be a good idea to regroup, hunker down and figure out how to climb out of the hole you’ve dug for yourself.

But when you’re Donald Trump, the strategy that seems to work better is to stay in the hole and ask for a better shovel in order to dig deeper.

Via Jonathan Martin at the NY Times, the Trump campaign has sent out talking points telling surrogates to go after Republicans who have unendorsed and/or to step down:

I guess he thinks a bunch of Congressional Republicans, most of whom are going to win re-election easily, are worried about their political futures.  Trump thinks his attacks will make them lose:

Trump, who has never done much forward thinking, doesn’t seem to realize he will need a GOP Congress to get anything done, should he pull of a miracle, and actually win next month.

Dan Foster of National Review spells it out:

Does Trump even realize this? Or does he actually think Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is going to move forward with any of the people on that list of potential justices?

But this is who he is. His campaign troubles are of his own making, but he can’t seem to get past what he considers to be personal slights. Thus, this new “strategy.”

Good luck with that.


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