GOP To Go After Roger Clinton? This Is Why They Are The Stupid Party

It’s infuriating to watch Republicans take a Presidential election that should be a sure winner and turn it into a loss like Roy ‘Tin Cup’ McAvoy on the 18th hole at the US Open.


It’s bad enough 40% the GOP electorate thought a progressive Manhattan based real estate billionaire who has the temperament of a 6 year old child who only pretends to take his Ritalin, is the best choice to defeat Hillary Clinton. We now have the geniuses at the RNC thinking the time is right to go after former President Bill Clinton’s half-brother, Roger Clinton.

No, you did not just step out of a DeLorean and into the 1990’s. This is still 2016 and the GOP in all its brilliance thinks people will actually care about this.

A memo obtained by ABC News said the RNC was getting ready to go after Roger Clinton because of his involvement in an $875,000 real estate purchase in California:

The line of attack centers around questions the RNC raises about the propriety of longtime Clinton aide Justin Cooper being involved in purchasing Roger Clinton’s home in California through a limited liability corporation at a time the former president’s half-brother was struggling with back taxes. No wrongdoing is alleged.

“Cooper is Bill Clinton’s body man turned wheeler-dealer. He’s gone from making a modest salary working in the White House to setting up an LLC just to buy a home for the president’s brother to live in,” the memo reads.

“But how and why has he suddenly become Roger Clinton’s real estate agent and financier? Why would Cooper, despite living in Manhattan, be the one to purchase a home in California that was intended as someone else’s residence? And how did he get the money to do it?”

Despite the questions the memo raises, it appears that Cooper does not own the house — purchased for $857,000 — and never did.

Cooper served as a principal of Calle Mayor LLC, the limited liability company that purchased the home, according to the memo, which cited California state records.

A source familiar with the arrangement says the home is now held in a trust for which Bill and Chelsea Clinton are the trustees.

Before the trust, the ownership was structured as a limited liability corporation. Cooper simply filed the papers, but it was Bill Clinton who paid for the property, a source said.

A representative for Roger Clinton and Cooper had no comment.


So basically, Bill Clinton bought a house for his brother.


Somebody called Woodward and Bernstein because this is going to be the scandal of the century! So Bill and Hillary Clinton made a purchase of a home through an LLC and this is a scandal? My immediate guess is, there was some obvious tax benefit to purchasing the home via an LLC rather than paying cash or giving $875,000 to brother Roger.

Either way, who cares? Outside of malcontents who still believe Bill Clinton was helping the CIA use the Mena airport as a drop point for cocaine trafficking, this story is a huge nothing burger.

Chairman Reince Priebus, don’t you have any better ideas?


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