Donny Deutsch In All Seriousness Says About Hillary, "She Does Not Lie" (VIDEO)

This has to be seen to be believed. Donny Deutsch, appearing as a fill in host for MSNBC’s ‘All Due Respect’ was talking about his “brilliant” idea for the presidential debate on Monday. He said if he were advising Hillary Clinton, he’d have her employ the “Google” comeback on Donald Trump whenever he lies during the debate. Should he lie, Hillary should look at the camera and tell people to Google what Trump just said.

It’s a rather dumb idea and it’s why Deutsch does investing for a living and not political consulting. Still, he went on to make things worse. Watch:

Deutsch tried to immediately backtrack somewhat by claiming Hillary did lie about her email server but that it is not part of her daily routine.

Seriously? Hillary Clinton doesn’t open her mouth without a lie escaping. Not only did she lie about her emails, she lied about what FBI Director James Comey said about her emails.

Even when Hillary is not technically lying, she is using very parsed, lawyer-like statements that do not tell the whole truth.

She lies, Donny. All the time.


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