Hilarious: Hillary Team Admits She Has Pneumonia And NOW The Press Is Mad At Her

It’s stunning when the mainstream press gets upset at a politician or candidate for not previously disclosing information regarding an issue with important campaign implications. The press is apparently upset with the Clinton campaign for not immediately disclosing on Friday that Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia – specifically, walking pneumonia, a mild form of the illness that can be treated with antibiotics.


From Politico:

Jonathan Martin, national correspondent for the New York Times, tweeted, “Hillary camp now reveals that her doctor diagnosed her pneumonia on Friday & put her on antibiotics. Only disclosed after this am’s episode.”

“I don’t understand why Clinton aides weren’t telling reporters at 10:30am: ‘pneumonia,’” CNN media reporter Brian Stelter wrote.

“Of course they should have disclosed this. This isn’t a cold,” added Chuck Todd, the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Naturally, her lackeys came to her defense:

“From a medical point of view this is not a big deal, She needs to cancel some events or do them by Skype for a week,” observed former Vermont governor Howard Dean, a trained doctor.

“I think I coughed up a lung somewhere between Pennsylvania and Kentucky,” recalled former Clinton ‘08 staffer Mo Elleithee, who also lauded her stamina. “She kept a campaign schedule with pneumonia. When I have a normal cold, I curl up in the fetal position & want to stay in bed for a week.”

Former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm tweeted: “To press lamenting @HillaryClinton’s health/transparency: ‘powering through’ illness is what women do: Stoically, every. single. day.”

Hillary’s “heroics” aside, it is rather amusing to see the press react this way and for one very simple reason:

When the conservative press started asking questions about Hillary’s persistent cough, the mainstream press, who are mad at her now, waved off any suggestions of an illness as nothing more than a “conspiracy theory.”


Stelter’s admonition is truly stunning as he was talking conspiracy theories at the time the news surfaced of Hillary’s episode.

Here’s a small bit of advice for the mainstream press: Do your job and you won’t be in a position to be perturbed with the Clinton campaign when they fail to disclose information.

Let’s face it. Were it not for the video that surfaced of Hillary Clinton nearly falling over before being helped into her van, they never would have disclosed the pneumonia diagnosis. Why would they have to? With the press giving them cover and making her condition into a conspiracy theory, there was no reason to release that information.

Sorry Chuck, Jonathan and Brian. You don’t get to play cover and then be “outraged” when Hillary uses that cover to her advantage.



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