Three State Polls: Trump Rebounds In Georgia; Down In Florida And New Hampshire

There will be a lot of polling between now and the end of October. National polls will get most of the attention, but state polling is important to examine as time goes on. Three new polls out for Georgia, Florida and New Hampshire spell trouble for Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton.

The CBS/YouGov polls conducted in Georgia, Florida and New Hampshire are bad news for Donald Trump particularly for the electoral college. Trump cannot win the presidency without winning Florida and right now, he is losing. Some recent polls have shown Trump losing in Georgia. This latest poll shows him with a lead, but only by 4 points (45% to 41%).

The real danger for Trump in these polls is his ceiling. It is far too routine to see Trump at or below 40% in so many of these polls. That is an awful spot to be in and these polls are no different. First, New Hampshire:


The 36% number is awful. Worse yet, it will almost certainly have an effect on Kelly Ayotte who is trying to win re-election to another term in the Senate. A 9-10 point less by Trump spells an almost certain doom for Ayotte in her race.

Here is Florida:


Again, there is that 40% number. This too becomes an issue for Marco Rubio. He is no shoe-in for re-election in Florida. Polls have shown a tightened race between Rubio and the likely Democratic nominee, Patrick Murphy. Despite Murphy being the biggest empty suit the Democrats could find, the race is close, and that no doubt has to do with Trump losing to Hillary.

Finally, Georgia:


It shouldn’t be this close. Romney won Georgia by nearly 8 points in 2012. In 2014, Nathan Deal beat Jason Carter by nearly 8 points in his re-election bid and David Perdue defeated Michelle Nunn by nearly 8 points in their Senate race.

The overall trend for Donald Trump continues to get worse. If he doesn’t begin to right the ship, Hillary Clinton is going to cruise to victory despite being one of the worst candidates the Democrats have fielded in nearly 30 years.


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