This Leaked DNC Email Showing Them Astroturfing Protesters is Hilarious

Some people are somewhat torn about the DNC emails that been leaked by Wikileaks. After all, this the org that released classified NSA information thanks largely to that traitor, Edward Snowden. The head of Wikileaks, Julian Assange doesnt seem to have all his marbles and has been accused of being anti-Semite and doing some of this work on behalf of Vladimir Putin.


Still, some of the stuff is just hilarious.

One of the emails had to do with a recent protest outside the offices of the RNC in Washington, DC. Here is a tweet and photo from Time’s Zeke Miller:

Luis Miranda, Communications Director at the DNC emailed about it: (CLICK for full size)



“Send in the interns!”

If Hillary gets elected, Bill may have something to say about that.



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