Ridiculous: Newt Gingrich Says It's A "Betrayal" if Ted Cruz Does Not Endorse Trump

When did Newt Gingrich become such a lackey? People are free to endorse or not to endorse a candidate. Donald Trump, who doesn’t care about anything other than people bowing before his presence has rubbed off on Newt with this garbage about endorsements.


Here’s what he said:

At least one speaker, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), has yet to endorse the GOP nominee. Susteren asked Gingrich if he believed Trump’s former presidential opponent would finally announce his support for Trump during his speech Wednesday night.

“Well I hope he does” endorse him, Gingrich said.

If he doesn’t?

“I think it’ll be sad,” Gingrich said. “It’ll be a betrayal.”

Considering Cruz is getting ready to head back to the Senate, Gingrich argued it would be in Cruz’s best interests to be on Trump’s good side.

This is absurd. Trump needs to get on Cruz’s good side, not the other way around. After all, Cruz will have say on Trump appointments and legislation should the miracle of Trump’s election come to fruition.

There’s being loyal and then there is fealty. Trump’s demand of the latter has completely changed my outlook on some people I once respected.


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