Watch Sheriff David Clarke Throw Down Against CNN's Don Lemon Over Black Lives Matter (VIDEO)

Tensions are rightfully high over the last two weeks. We’ve seen EIGHT police officers assassinated at the hands of perps who claim their actions were taken on behalf of the anger over the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been at the forefront of the criticism directed at law enforcement. While Sally Kohn and others continue to reiterate the movement is about “non-violence” and “peace” the reality is, a good portion of the movement is devoted to rabble rousing, stoking hatred and fomenting violence. And until those who want it to be a peaceful movement admit that, they’re going to be dealing with this kind of backlash each time a cop is attacked.

Sheriff David Clarke was on CNN with Don Lemon and sure enough, Lemon immediately starts out by claiming Black Lives Matter is about peace. Clarke was having none of it. Watch:

Lemon cut to commercial. The entire exchange took nearly 10 minutes and you can see all of it here.

It is hard to argue with Clarke. The Tea Party was given no such consideration and during those protests cops were not being shot. But the Tea Party protests were automatically flagged as protests of ‘racism’ against President Obama, rather than his policies.

We’ll continue to see how this plays out. Let’s just hope it doesn’t include more dead cops.