Great Response To Orlando: Group Offers Free Gun Classes To LGBT Nightclub Workers

Photo by Hank Hession on Flickr
Photo by Hank Hession on Flickr
Photo by Hank Hession on Flickr

Unlike the left, who think the best response to the terrorist attack in Orlando is to disarm law abiding non-terrorists, those who support liberty and don’t believe in running and hiding from these people believe the first line of defense is yourself.


The Orlando Police Department did a magnificent job and likely saved dozens of lives with the actions they took, but the adage, “When seconds count, the police are minutes away” still applies. Contrary to the abundant ignorance of those on the left who claim those who carry firearms (openly or concealed) “never” stop crimes from being committed, a simple Google search will reveal a number of examples of this happening.

While the the idiots on the left want people to believe Republican opposition to gay marriage or a the bathroom law in North Carolina is the cause of what happened in Orlando, the reality is, that is not getting anybody killed. The best solution for the LGBT community to keep themselves safe from the Omar Mateen’s of the world is to be armed and to know how to use their guns.

LGBT activists are starting to agree:

In the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting, the Las Vegas LGBT community is taking steps to prevent such a tragedy here at home. It all comes down to guns, as one group aims to get the community armed and ready.

It’s no secret that the shooting has sparked a massive gun debate. What would have happened if staff members behind the bar at Pulse Nightclub were allowed to carry guns?

Here in Las Vegas, they are allowed and now there’s a push to make sure they will.

In Florida, the only person that is allowed to carry a gun in a bar is a security guard. In Nevada, the general bar staff is allowed to have a gun behind the bar.

“We’re at risk,” said Derek Washington, state lead of Get Equal Nevada.


Somebody is stepping up:

Washington is calling on his LGBT peers to get a concealed carry weapons permit. It’s a process that starts with a required training course.

“I want those courses packed,” Washington said. “After Orlando, it is our responsibility to care of us. We can’t depend on anyone else.”

Thanks to a local organization called Out For Liberty, defense is not out of reach. The group is offering the multi-week course free of charge to any LGBT nightlife worker in Las Vegas.

Out for Liberty visited nine gay bars around Las Vegas Tuesday night, passing out fliers raising awareness about the importance of gay bartenders being armed.

“There’s no time to lose,” said Brandon Ellyson, chairman of Out for Liberty. “It’s really important, it’s the biggest tragedy in our community’s history. And this is the least we can do.”

Good for them. Let’s hope we see more of this around the country. Democrat politicians think they’re keeping people safe by proposing more feel good gun laws.

That really worked out well in France didn’t it?



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