Eric Trump Compares Trump University To Harvard - Really (VIDEO)


George Costanza of Seinfeld was once regretting not going up to a woman’s apartment after saying he didn’t like drinking coffee late at night. He said, “People this stupid shouldn’t be allowed to live.”


Before the Trumper SJW’s get crazy, it is not a literal statement he made so relax.

Eric Trump was on Fox News with Martha MacCallum talking about various topics when Trump University came up. Eric repeated the “We had a 98% approval rating” which is a number they came up with based on report cards users gave after they “graduated.”

Donald Trump used to brag Trump U had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau but that was nonsense. That rating only came about after the school started shutting down and old complaints expired. When it was active, the BBB rating for Trump U was D-.

So when Eric Trump brought up Harvard University as a means of comparing it to people dissatisfied with Trump University, I could not help but laugh:

Wow. Eric doesn’t understand that students will get out of Harvard what they’re willing to put into it with respect to hard work. Trump University promised the skies and didn’t deliver even when the program pressed “students” to spend more of their money to buy more programs that would be sure to “unlock” those secrets needed to get rich.

The whole thing was an elaborate scam reminiscent of late night informercials.


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