Watch Tom Cotton UNLOAD On Harry Reid And His "Cancerous Leadership" (VIDEO)

Tom Cotton has gotten tired of Harry Reid. Tired enough that Senator Cotton blasted Harry Reid on the Senate floor, pulling absolutely no punches as he lit into Harry Reid.

This kind of thing has been building for some time. Watching Senate proceedings are usually sleep inducing but after another apparent pointless and hyper-partisan exercise by Harry Reid, Tom Cotton said to himself, “enough is enough.”

He took to the floor of the Senate and blasted Harry Reid for his poor leadership:

There’s nothing Cotton says here that is objectionable. Harry Reid has been one of the most despicable leaders in Congress in my lifetime. From calling Mitt Romney a tax cheat from the Senate floor to calling the Koch brothers “un-American” on the Senate floor, Reid has engaged in far more mud-slinging than governing.

This was well deserved and I applaud Cotton for doing it.

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