Hillary's Bearded Hipster Pitchman Is Also The Face Of Portland STD Ad

UPDATE: ** Word is this is not an official Hillary Clinton social media campaign. I have changed the wording of the article accordingly to reflect it was her supporters who did this and not her campaign.


It’s like a real life episode of ‘Friends’ except this time it’s Grandma Moses with the problem. Hillary Clinton’s supporters launched a social media campaign aimed at convincing dudes it is perfectly fine to vote for her because they are “man enough” to do so.

I guess having seen the reaction people had to Obama’s Obamacare Pajama Boy disaster, Hillary’s supporters wanted to find a “real man” to be the face of her campaign. So here is what they came up with:


Before we get the to best part allow me to make a few comments about this.

1. First is the delusion Hillary’s fans have that manhood is defined by having a beard and tattoos. It signifies nothing because it is more of a style than a state of being more than anything else.

2. Naturally, the implication is made that conservative men won’t vote for a woman for President. Of course, if Carly Fiorina were Hillary’s opponent, she’d beat Hillary among men and easily. What is it with the left and identity politics?


3. This is a stock photo inserted into their ad campaign. Hillary’s campaign headquarters is in Brooklyn. Her supporters could have sent an intern out on the street to throw a rock into a crowd they’d hit a bearded hipster. If they had done that, they’d have avoided this:


The image has been used on public transportation to alert Portland males of the dangers of STD’s


People try to do pull off something that looks “cool” and it turns out to be nothing more than a catalyst for inviting only mockery.

Bill Clinton apparently had no comment.


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