Trump: Still As Unhinged As Ever (VIDEO)


So much for the kindler, gentler Trump. The one we were told was going to start acting more Presidential. The one who wasn’t going to act like a child having a temper tantrum any time he didn’t get his way. The one who was finally going to ditch all of the name calling and brow beating in an attempt to “unite” the GOP in order to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

Did anybody actually believe this? Didn’t anybody think the man-child was going to actually start acting like a person who wants to be the leader of the free world? If so, the joke is on you.

Trump is never going to change — with respect to his absurd behavior. He won’t hold true to the positions he has espoused, but he’ll definitely continue to be a braying jackass. Watch this. Try and show me one ounce of him being Presidential here in any respect:

The media of course, which is happily bemused by this when he’s doing it to other Republicans will surely change their tune once he’s going after Hillary. The constant barrage of news stories about how much Donald Trump cannot stand women will be never ending.

The worst part is, his supporters think this kind of thing is what’s going to sweep him into office. It’s laughable.

The chickens are going to come home to roost at some point. When they do, we’ll all be saying, “Look, there’s President Hillary Clinton.” 

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