Point and Laugh: Joe Scarborough Says Ted Cruz Would Win Only 9 to 10 States Against Hillary (Video)


Joe Scarborough really doesn’t like it when people accuse him of being a shill for Donald Trump. But when he makes statements like he did this morning, it’s hard for him to make the case that he’s neutral. When the subject of Ted Cruz came up, he immediately went into attack mode.

He whined the GOP “establishment” is backing Ted Cruz over Donald Trump. He called Ted Cruz, “Goldwater’s ugly stepson.” And then he went on to talk about how badly, Cruz would lose to Hillary. Watch:

This isn’t about Kasich vs. Trump, this is about Kasich vs. Cruz. Why has the establishment backed the guy that is Barry Goldwater’s ugly stepson? Politically, this guy is going to win 9, 10 states in the general election. I’ve got a lot of friends embarassing themselves right now by telling me he can win the general.

Did you catch what Mika said? “If you’re going to rig the game, make the right choice.” 

Mika talks about “knowing her value” all the time. That comment made her value as much as a turnip. She’s talking about “rigging the game” like Trump would.

Scarborough tries to make it about Kasich but why on earth would the GOP powers that be back a guy who less delegates than Marco Rubio?

What in the world is Joe thinking? To me, I’d say he’s thinking he’s annoyed the GOP “establishment” looks at Trump’s negatives that are nearly 70% across all demographics and thinks, “This guy as the nominee would literally kill us as a party.”

As for the 9 – 10 states, let’s pick out the 10 states where Romney won the biggest in 2012 and say Ted Cruz wins them:

Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Nebraska and Kansas.

So Scarborough is saying Ted Cruz would be beaten by Hillary in





South Carolina

North Dakota

South Dakota

As I said, point and laugh.

It’s not even worth going on because the exercise is just idiotic. And Joe’s claim is idiotic.

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