Outrageous: Veterans Groups STILL Waiting For Money Trump Raised

Donald Trump Must Never Be President

Back in January when Donald Trump was running scared of Megyn Kelly and refusing to debate, he exploited the nonsense by holding a fundraiser for the troops he claims he cares so much about. As I wrote in February, the organizations in question were not getting the money they were promised.


Here it is nearly two months later and there are still problems:

More than two months after Donald Trump skipped a Republican debate to hold a fundraiser for veterans, the targeted beneficiaries are still seeing a fraction of the promised money raised from the Republican’s charitable foundation and his wealthy friends.

A survey by The Wall Street Journal of 19 of the 22 groups originally listed by Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign as the prospective recipients of the funds found that they had received roughly $2.4 million of the estimated $6 million in donations the campaign said the event generated. The total received by all of the groups is likely to be more.

One organization refused to disclose how much it received, another said it needed to submit more paperwork before a check would be forthcoming, and one didn’t respond to multiple inquiries.

All of the groups reported receiving checks from the Donald J. Trump Foundation or associates through the mail, and most arrived in late February in increments of $50,000 or $100,000. Three organizations reported getting smaller donations in March that averaged between $5,000 and $15,000.

“Mr. Trump has distributed many of the contributions to a number of worthy organizations, and will continue to do so,” said Hope Hicks, a campaign spokeswoman.

Ms. Hicks declined to break down how much the various groups had received to date or the total distributed from money raised at the Jan. 29 event.

A Trump Organization accountant didn’t respond to a request for comment.


And why not? What exactly do they have to hide?

One of two things needs to happen here:

1. Get the organizations all the money that was supposedly raised. 

2. Trump should stop saying he “raised” $6 million when some of that is clearly not money his organization has in their possession or control over. 

Either way, Trump’s constant brag about the “$6 million” he raised for veterans groups is baloney.



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