Watch Dana Perino On The Five Call Out Trump's Lie About GWB And Iraq - It Gets Really Quiet (VIDEO)


I have no doubt Donald Trump supporters will soon be turning their guns on Dana Perino because she’s one of the few personalities on the Fox News Channel that doesn’t buy into Donald Trump’s BS and is not afraid to call it out. Greg Gutfeld is another and said (after Trump made fun of the disabled reporter) Trump supporters will defend anything he says or does. Last week at the debate in Greenville, SC Trump smeared former President George W. Bush by saying Bush knew there were no WMD’s in Iraq (there were, contrary to the myth they did not exist) and told the American people a lie in order to be able to go to war.


The accusation is a total fabrication and one that is supported only by the likes of conspiracy theory nutballs like Alex Jones and far left wing crank groups such as Code Pink (who by the way, issued a statement of support for Trump). The issue was raised today on The Five by Juan Williams and Dana Perino was having none of it:

In the midst of Eric Bolling’s bout of self-righteousness and his apparent inability at that moment to form a coherent sentence, the one thing he couldn’t bring himself to do was say Trump was full of it. Supporters just cannot seem to say Trump did or said something wrong. He came out in favor of Obama’s healthcare mandate and his supporters made an excuse for that.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The hardcore Trump supporters are far worse than anything I have ever seen in a hardcore Obama supporter.

That’s right. Worse. 


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