Did The Cruz Campaign Send Out Mailers Attempting To Shame Iowa Voters?


A little earlier tonight, some tweets started circulating from people in Iowa saying they had received mailers from the Ted Cruz campaign giving them a “report card” of sorts, grading them on their participation in caucuses. There was a quite a bit of debate going on with people suggesting the whole thing was a hoax and others saying it was a slick Photoshop job. Everything is conspiracy these days on the Internet.


Several people who work in the business of campaigns said the mailers were real and that it is not the first time a tactic like this has been used. Of course, this is in the age of the Internet and thinking this kind of thing is not going to spread around and fast is just flat out ignorant. It is going to happen.

Here are some photos of the mailers:



Despite the conspiracy theories, the Cruz campaign has confirmed these mailers are theirs and did send them out.

In my view, this is not how you go about convincing people and persuading them. This is a Donald Trump tactic and Cruz’s team should know better. Shaming people into voting is a great way to get them to vote for somebody else if they decide to do so.

Either way, this could turn into one of those things that the media will harp on for the next two days and throw Cruz off message.

Updates to be made as they come in. 


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