Rubio Supporter Flips The Script On Cruz Super PAC Ad That Attacks Rubio (VIDEO)


As we get closer to the first date when votes in the race for the Republican nomination are actually cast (Real votes! Imagine that!), political ads are starting to become more prevalent, particularly those going after other candidates. Super PAC’s are leading the charge with the ads going after other candidates (campaign ads tend to focus on the candidates themselves) and one of Ted Cruz’s Super PACs, Keep The Promise I (Yes there is a Keep The Promise II and Keep The Promise III) has released an ad going after Senator Marco Rubio.



It’s a little silly because it relies on a snippet of a tongue in cheek spot made before a GOP debate in October where Rubio asks for an update on Bush, Cruz and Carson……Reggie Bush, Victor Cruz and Carson Palmer, not Jeb, Ted or Ben.

Still, that didn’t stop Rubio supporter, Todd Kron, from taking the first portion of the ad and turning the tables on Ted Cruz, who has been known to engage in some silliness of his own. Here’s one:

And there is another version:

That’s why the Cruz Super PAC ad is not all that effective. It relies on this dark imagery and serious music and then jumps to what is obvious to any political observer (and primary voter), a light hearted moment Rubio is having and not him seriously telling somebody he needs to check in on his fantasy football team before doing something important. In addition, Mr. Kron shows how easily such a thing can be turned back around.



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