Obama: It Is Easier To Buy A Gun Than A Book


The gun control debate at times contains hyperbole from both sides. But the hyperbole from those opposed to more gun control is often limited. For those who support gun control however, hyperbole and often outright stupidity becomes the standard basis for their “arguments.”

President Obama, speaking before a bunch of Hollywood fat cats actually made the claim that it is easier to buy a gun than it is to buy a book. If this were a Republican? Caleb Howe makes a great point:

Some people are objecting, saying his statements are being taken out of context. Here is what was reported:

“It’s not just mass shootings,” the president said. “It is the daily shootings that take place in cities across America. It is easier to buy a gun than buy a book,” Obama said, referring to the lack of bookstores in low-income areas.

How does this excuse his ridiculous statement? What does the lack of a bookstores in low income areas have to do with the ease of which one can buy a gun? This is like saying it is easier for me to get a nuke than it is to get a Burger from In-n-Out since there is a total lack of those restaurants in this region.

If the President is talking about illegal firearm purchases then his “point” is lost on me because such purchases are…..illegal.

For legal purchases, the President’s claim is asinine. Even if you were a person that has never received so much as a parking ticket in your lifetime and wanted to buy a gun in the friendliest state in the USA (Vermont, for example), you would still be required to undergo a federal background check.

Charles Manson could walk out of prison tomorrow, walk into a Barnes and Noble and grab any book he wanted, pay for it and walk out. Simple.

In addition, the accessibility of books on mobile devices is a tap away. People in low income areas actually rely more on using smartphones for online access than traditional internet access which can be cost prohibitive. Getting a book doesn’t require making a purchase. Project Gutenberg has over 50,000 free e-books available to read.

Even if you took Obama’s words within the context he supposedly used them (to lament the lack of book stores in low income areas) it still makes zero sense.

Guns on the street are more expensive than retail prices for obvious reasons. Even if somebody was going to buy the cheapest of cheap guns on the street, they’d have to come up with at least $200. For the purchase of a decent gun, they’ll pay $700-$1000. It doesn’t take a real constitutional scholar to figure out, $500 can get somebody to a book store for the purchase of a lot of books if that is what they really wanted.

There is also another solution: Good Will and other thrift stores as well as the Salvation Army all operate in low income areas, all of which have stacks of books for people to buy at a very low cost.

The President is not interested in an honest debate about guns. Like most on the left, he wants to wag his finger from up on high and proclaim, “We must do something!” all the while dragging the debate down to the lowest common denominator knowing full well, it quashes any common ground.

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