Nancy Pelosi Snaps When Asked About Planned Parentood


Democrats almost always have it easy when it comes to questions over controversial issues especially social issues. Be it gay marriage, abortion or gun control, it always seems as though the press gives Democrats the questions the politicians can easy deflect or give a wide berth for them to say whatever they want.

With the issue of Planned Parenthood’s propensity to sell aborted fetus organs for cash, abortion has once again become a front and center debate again. We live in different times obviously and while this was an issue Democrats were easily expected to prevail 20 years ago, it has become more difficult in recent years.

Science is not on the side of Democrats and their abortion agenda. While they have gone all in on the euphemism front, the reality is they’re starting to lose the public debate on this issue. As scientific advances continue to make babies viable at younger and younger ages, it will only get worse for Democrats.

So it makes sense that they’re frustrated. They’re losing the battle and starting to face tougher questions and they don’t like it.

That was evidenced recently when [mc_name name=’Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’P000197′ ] was asked whether she thought an unborn “baby with a human heart and a human liver is a human being.” Her response is worth watching.


Pelosi starts to call the question “ideological” and when asked again she proceeds to pull a reverse, “Do you know who I am?” be saying to him, “I don’t know who you are.”

She goes on to self-righteously talk about what a devout practicing Catholic she is and then proceeds to tell this patriarchal male stooge that she has 5 kids and as a result she knows more about the subject than him.

That is certainly interesting. I had no idea Mrs. Pelosi had the ability to asexually reproduce. Otherwise, I would think men, particularly fathers are well aware of how this all works.

Let this be a lesson to not only the Press but to other candidates as well. When a Democrat is faced with a question that doesn’t allow them to take the easy route of just using a canned answer and going with it, they get flustered and show the kind of attitude expressed by Mrs. Pelosi here.

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