Union Front Can't Name One Right Revoked by "No Rights at Work"

Union campaign committee We Are Ohio cannot name a single right that would be revoked by a “No Rights at Work” law, which would give workers the freedom to opt out of paying union dues. Questioned about workplace freedom after the topic came up at the group’s February 19 “State of the Worker” press conference, We Are Ohio responded only with disjointed propaganda.


Media Trackers gave We Are Ohio an opportunity to list the worker rights that would be taken away if Ohio adopted “No Rights at Work” as Michigan did last December. Watch the results below.

This video has in no way been cut or clipped from the point where a protester mentioned “what happened in Michigan” to the point where We Are Ohio abruptly ended its press conference. Media Trackers asked a simple question, asked for clarification after receiving a convoluted non-response, and Dennis Willard pulled the plug.

The teacher shown vaguely bemoaning working conditions in Florida schools – because neither he nor any of the other We Are Ohio representatives at the press conference can identify even one right taken away by “No Rights at Work” – is Dan Greenberg, a contributor to the Ohio Education Association (OEA) “Voices of Change” blog.

It was Greenberg who, in a January 19 OEA blog post, wrote that “a tent came down” and “there may have been a punch thrown” at violent union protests in Michigan, more than a month after video broadcast nationally showed union members tearing down a large tent with people inside and a man in a union jacket repeatedly punching a conservative journalist in the face.


For the detailed numbers behind the We Are Ohio funding chart shown at the beginning and end of the video, refer to this February 1 Media Trackers story.

For details about OEA pay, see this January 24 Media Trackers story.

In addition to the job creation and disposable income growth advantages workplace freedom states have had over Ohio in recent years, there are several more facts readers should remember when sharing the above video of We Are Ohio failing to list any rights that would be taken away by “No Rights at Work.”

We Are Ohio planned its February 19 press conference in advance, invited its 110,000 Facebook fans half a dozen times between February 14 and February 19, decided who would address the media, and asked for questions from the reporters in attendance.

We Are Ohio and its largest donor, the Ohio Education Association, have been using the phrase “No Rights at Work” in their campaign to block workplace freedom since December 2012, and We Are Ohio published its first propaganda against workplace freedom a year before that.

Finally, note the television and newspaper reporters in the video. We Are Ohio intentionally scheduled this press conference before the governor’s State of the State address to capture maximum media attention, and as a result there were roughly 6-8 reporters and cameramen at the event to cover less than 20 We Are Ohio protesters and organizers.


With all these things in mind, why is it that Ohio’s newspapers and broadcast networks did not challenge – and indeed, have never challenged – “citizen-driven, community-based, bipartisan coalition” We Are Ohio on its near-complete union funding or its outrageously false union propaganda?

This story originally appeared at Media Trackers Ohio.


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