Worried About Debt? Play Soak The Rich!

SoakTheRich.us started as a series of pie charts and turned into something much bigger. Here’s why!

Promising the moon and hoping no one will ask, “hey, what’s a moon cost these days, anyway?” turns out to be the one business model Progressives endorse. If you’re an Obama bundler, a union boss, or Ezra Klein, it’s great news — you can get rich selling snake oil, riding a limo to Occupy Wall Street rallies, or trying to make intensely stupid things sound smart.


If you’re a productive human being, the results are less sunny: national debt now exceeds GDP and has piled up to roughly $50,000 per American.

That’s where Soak The Rich comes in. Corporations and CEOs have tons of money, and the U.S. has tons of debt, so the math should work out: Tons – Tons = No worries! Using Soak The Rich, you can track the impact of doubling corporate income taxes and taking CEO pay from S&P 500 companies simply by clicking industries in a list. There’s even a “Soak All Industries” button for the benefit of MSNBC employees!

When you’re done, you can see detailed results and brag about your good deed on Twitter.

Hear a friend or relative parroting the “fair share” meme? Share Soak The Rich and then ask if they have any better ideas!

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