Revitalizing a Soviet Legacy: The Democrat Technology Ecosystem

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This article is the 14th installment of the VICI Report, a comprehensive multi-part series exploring the sophisticated use of technology in political operations.  This series aims to uncover the processes, mechanisms, tools, and technologies used by Democrats to master our political processes and to develop strategies that answer and ultimately defeat their manipulations in 2024 and beyond.


Read the previous article in this series, Complete Strategic Outclass, where we examine how Democrats have turned their nationwide network of fellow traveler activists into a tech-enabled street army, or start from the beginning of our series.


Modern left-wing activism in the United States has roots in the Soviet Union's 1960s strategy to undermine Western culture. By promoting divisive ideologies and fostering internal dissent, the Soviets aimed to weaken the societal fabric from within, creating a legacy that continues to influence today’s political landscape.

Over the decades, these tactics evolved and merged with neo-communist strategies for infiltration. This resulted in a robust network of activist groups and organizations at both local and national levels. Initially designed to destabilize Western norms, these groups adapted to the changing political landscape, maintaining their relevance and influence.

Today, this network forms a sophisticated ecosystem, leveraging advanced technology to enhance its operational efficiency. By integrating technology into activism, these groups amplify their reach and impact, making it easier to organize, mobilize, and execute political operations. 

Examining the revitalization and integration of these strategies within the modern Democrat technology ecosystem reveals a powerful synergy between activism, technology, and political strategy. This interplay highlights the enduring influence of these tactics on contemporary politics.

Every Town, KGB

The foundation of left-wing activism in the United States can be traced back to a deliberate strategy orchestrated by the Soviet Union in the 1960s. This plan was aimed at undermining Western culture and destabilizing American society by promoting divisive ideologies and fostering internal dissent. The Soviets knew that to weaken the Western world, they needed to create discord from within, leading to a systematic effort to infiltrate various aspects of American life. 

After the end of the Cold War, many leftists aligned with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union shifted their focus to the "green" movement. This shift was marked by Gorbachev's founding of the Green Cross, proving that the "green" movement was always a communist front.

The Soviet strategy aimed not only to spread communism but also to create a lasting legacy that would continue to influence and disrupt Western culture. By embedding operatives and sympathizers within influential institutions, the Soviets set the stage for long-term subversion. This approach, often referred to as the "Long March Through the Institutions," involved systematically infiltrating and gaining control of key societal structures, such as education, media, and non-profit organizations.


As a result, the 1960s saw the rise of numerous left-wing activist groups, often inspired and sometimes directly supported by Soviet operatives. These groups evolved into a network of local organizations focused on various leftist issues. Across America, every town and county has seen the proliferation of these groups, many tracing their roots back to this period of intense Soviet activity. These local organizations became training grounds for new generations of activists, ensuring a continuous supply of individuals dedicated to left-wing ideology.

The "Long March Through the Institutions" conceptual strategy extended beyond activist groups to include traditional non-profits. Leftist operatives infiltrate these organizations to steer their agendas toward more radical goals. This process of infiltration has continued for decades, creating a deeply rooted network of influence across various sectors of society.

Today, this network has evolved into an "activist army," ready to carry out political operations at a moment's notice. With the advent of modern technology, this network's ability to organize and mobilize has been significantly enhanced. Tools like social media, communication apps, and other technological innovations make it easier than ever for these groups to coordinate activities and execute plans with precision and speed.

The legacy of Soviet-era strategies is evident in today's left-wing activism in the United States. Understanding the historical context and methods used to build and sustain this network reveals how deeply entrenched and organized these efforts are. This activist army, now enhanced with modern technology, represents a formidable force in American politics, capable of influencing elections and shaping public policy profoundly.

Dark Collusion, Impact Global

The manipulation of financial networks and the establishment of dual pipelines for funding are pivotal elements of modern left-wing strategy. Democrats have strategically taken control of both the charitable donation pipeline and the venture capital pipeline, ensuring a steady flow of resources to support their agenda. This manipulation extends beyond fundraising, encompassing a broad, calculated method to wield financial influence across various sectors.

Democrats have mastered the art of financial manipulation through dual pipelines of charitable donations and venture capital investments. By dominating these financial streams, they fund a wide array of projects and organizations that align with their ideological goals. This control impacts both grassroots initiatives and large-scale political operations. Charitable donations support non-profits and activist groups, while venture capital funds tech startups and enterprises that further the leftist agenda.


Impact Investing

Impact investing has become a crucial tool in this strategy, promoting investments that generate social or environmental benefits above financial returns. For Democrats, it channels venture capital into projects aligned with their agenda. Led by outfits like Arabella Partners, this approach funds their agenda and ensures supported businesses and technologies propagate their beliefs. By investing in socially conscious ventures, Democrats shape industries and influence societal norms to align with their goals.

Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism (EA) adds a layer of evidence-based process management to this strategy. Advocating for the use of evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to benefit others, EA often prioritizes global initiatives and systemic changes. For the left, EA provides a framework for justifying large-scale, ideologically driven interventions. It ensures investments and charitable efforts have measurable impacts, reinforcing the narrative of doing good while advancing a broader political agenda. This philosophy is linked to gatherings like the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos and scandals like FTX, where countless millions of dollars of investor funds were illegally funneled to Democrat campaigns and aligned projects.

Global Network

The influence of these strategies has gone global, resulting in corruption on an unprecedented scale. Financial networks and ideological goals intertwine, leading to significant global impacts through questionable means. Examples include the activities of the Davos crowd, the Clinton Foundation, and the Biden family's dealings in Ukraine. These entities show how financial manipulation and ideological alignment can lead to extensive influence and scandal. The global network of leftist influence aims not only to spread ideology but also to secure power and resources on a global scale.

These financial networks and ideological movements center on the Democrat Party, which adeptly uses technology to manipulate political and financial processes. By integrating advanced tech solutions, Democrats effectively control and direct these financial streams. This technological integration is crucial for efficiently managing and deploying resources, ensuring that every dollar supports their broader agenda.

Effective Altruism drives non-profit strategies by focusing on quantifiable results, ensuring measurable outcomes in voter turnout and other political operations. This results-oriented approach allows leftist organizations to justify their actions and secure ongoing support from donors and investors. The emphasis on quantifiable results aligns with the broader strategy of systematic, evidence-based manipulation of societal structures.


Achieving the goals of ballot harvesting and other political strategies requires a holistic, coordinated effort. This involves integrating data management, activist mobilization, and strategic planning. Seamless coordination ensures ballots are collected and counted efficiently, maximizing voter turnout and influencing election outcomes.

The mastery of these techniques highlights the left's ability to adapt and innovate, using both financial and technological means to achieve their objectives. By examining these strategies, one can better understand the mechanisms behind their political successes and the challenges they pose to traditional political structures.

Old Horse, New Shoes

Modern left-wing strategies have evolved significantly, now integrating advanced technology to amplify their influence. Collusion, once limited to covert operations, has been transformed by technology into a powerful tool for systematizing human interaction and control. This evolution has created an unprecedented level of influence, surpassing the capabilities of traditional propaganda.

Collusion, Integrated by Technology

Technology has enabled the systematization of human interactions on an unprecedented scale. Unlike systemization, which imposes externally specified processes, systematization organizes and explains existing processes comprehensively. This expressive approach to understanding and managing human behavior through technology grants its mastery significant power. 

By accurately reflecting and optimizing real-world interactions, systematization allows precise control and influence over public opinion and behavior. Integrating technology into these strategies creates a cohesive network that enhances the reach and impact of left-wing agendas.

Ideological Alignment in Tech

The ideological alignment within the technology sector has been crucial in this evolution. Universities have played a crucial role in shaping the ideological leanings of tech professionals. While Generation X developers largely embraced a freedom-oriented ethos driven by the open-source movement, Millennials and subsequent generations have adopted a more rigid ideological stance.

This shift has resulted in a tech workforce that is highly skilled and ideologically aligned with left-wing fanaticism. The convergence of talent and ideology creates a fertile ground for developing technologies that further political agendas.

Provision of Dual-Use Technologies

The tech industry's focus on social media, marketing, and gig economy platforms has naturally led to the development of technologies that manage and manipulate human interaction. These dual-use technologies, designed for commercial purposes, are repurposed for political objectives. For example, social media platforms that facilitate communication and content sharing are used to influence public opinion and mobilize voters. 


Marketing technologies that personalize consumer experiences are adapted to target political messages to specific demographics. Underlying technologies like relational graphs, social media algorithms, big data analysis, and network infrastructure enhance the precision and effectiveness of political campaigns.

Grassroots Tech Roots

Grassroots networks have greatly benefited from access to these advanced technologies. Technologies originally developed for customer relationship management (CRM) in business, such as Salesforce, are now used for voter relationship management (VRM). This allows political campaigns to personalize outreach efforts, ensuring messages resonate with individual voters. Tools for customized marketing create targeted outreach strategies, increasing the effectiveness of canvassing and voter mobilization. This technological edge transforms grassroots activism, providing the tools to operate with the efficiency and precision of a well-oiled machine.

Integrating technology into political strategies represents a significant "level-up" in operational capability and influence. Modern tech enables left-wing activist groups to organize and execute their agendas with unprecedented speed and effectiveness. By leveraging these tools, they systematize their efforts, ensuring every action is part of a cohesive and coordinated strategy. This technological synergy amplifies their reach and enhances their ability to adapt and innovate in response to changing political landscapes.

The modern left-wing approach to activism and political strategy showcases the transformative power of technology. By systematizing human interaction and aligning ideological goals with technological capabilities, these groups have created a formidable force capable of shaping public opinion and influencing political outcomes. This shift from traditional methods to tech-enabled strategies marks a new era in political operations, where the lines between technology and activism are increasingly blurred.

Working the Systems

Modern left-wing activist groups have ingeniously integrated technology into their organizing efforts, creating a highly efficient and scalable system. This integration allows seamless coordination of activities, enabling these groups to mobilize quickly and effectively. By leveraging technology, they systematize various processes, ensuring their actions are cohesive and strategically aligned.

A key advantage of this integration is the ability to individualize outreach and activism at scale. Using advanced data analytics and personalized communication tools, these groups can tailor messages to resonate individually with specific demographics. This approach enhances engagement and increases the likelihood of successful mobilization. Targeted messages are more effective, resources are used more efficiently, and the overall impact is maximized. 


Comparing traditional door-to-door canvassing with modern digital canvassing highlights the efficiency and reach of tech-enabled activism. Traditional canvassing, while personal and direct, is labor-intensive and time-consuming. In contrast, modern digital canvassing uses smartphones equipped with individual voter profiles, contact histories, and data integration capabilities. This technology allows canvassers to efficiently contact voters, optimize routes, and avoid wasting time on those already convinced or unlikely to be persuaded. Instant analysis of relational data graphs enhances real-time decision-making, improving the overall effectiveness of canvassing efforts.

Technology plays a crucial role in ensuring voter turnout and engagement at a granular level. Advanced voter relationship management (VRM) systems track voter interactions and preferences, enabling activists to follow up with individuals who have not yet voted. Automated reminders, personalized messages, and targeted outreach efforts help ensure supporters make it to the polls. This strategic approach to voter engagement was particularly evident in recent elections, where technological tools were used to track and influence voter behavior with remarkable precision.

The strategic importance of these technological advancements cannot be overstated. By systematizing their efforts, left-wing activist groups can operate with previously unattainable efficiency and effectiveness. Integrating technology into their strategies amplifies their reach and enhances their ability to adapt and innovate in response to changing political landscapes. This creates a powerful and dynamic system capable of influencing political outcomes and shaping public policy on a large scale.

The modern left-wing approach to activism, characterized by the strategic use of technology, marks a significant evolution from traditional methods. By leveraging advanced tools and techniques, these groups have created a formidable force capable of shaping public opinion and influencing elections. This integration of tech and activism heralds a new era in political operations, where the efficiency and reach of digital tools have transformed the landscape of grassroots organizing.


The evolution of left-wing activism into a technologically advanced operation showcases the transformative power of systematization. By integrating sophisticated tools and data-driven strategies, these groups have amplified their reach and effectiveness, enabling precise, individualized outreach and efficient voter mobilization. The legacy of Soviet-era tactics has been revitalized and adapted for the modern era, creating a formidable network capable of influencing political outcomes on a grand scale.


This seamless fusion of technology and activism represents a new era in political strategy, where the ability to systematize human interaction offers unprecedented control and impact. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for comprehending the full scope of contemporary political operations and the challenges they present to traditional political structures.

Sinistra Delenda Est!

In the next installment of the VICI Report series, we discuss how decades-long Leftist infiltration has turned Venture Capital into a tool of domination.

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