Christmas Open Thread

It’s that glorious time of year where we celebrate the birth of our Savior. For many of us, it means visiting with both friends and family, and of course, it also means exchanging gifts.


I’m sure many of you out there reading the site today have been engaging in some sort of Christmas plans. I’m curious to hear about what you do on Christmas Day. I brought in midnight at St. Stephen’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Hiram, Georgia, celebrating a Divine Liturgy in honor of the Nativity. Later on in the morning, after some rest, I opened presents with my parents. Now, I’m just about to leave for a gathering with my wider family. There will be lots of food and conversation, and chances are I’ll be stuck doing some babysitting like I always do (it’s an honor and a privilege, of course). I’m also hoping to take in at least some of the NBA games on this year.

My Christmas presents this year included a new mp3 player, some books, clothes, and a promise that Santa will pay for a couple of college application fees (I’m applying for a PhD). I got my Dad a Wet/Dry Vaccuum, mostly because I think it’s okay to replace such things once every quarter century. I got my Mom a nice Brighton charm.


All in all, it’s been a good holiday so far. I’m hoping the time I spend with the rest of my family this afternoon is just as fun as it has always been. There are many blessings for us to count this year, and we’ll certainly remember the real reason for the season.

Consider this your Christmas Day open thread, and let’s try to keep the politics to a minimum!


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