Democrats' E-mails Descend to Desperation and Farce

It’s always a good idea to keep track of what your opponents are saying. That’s part of RedState’s mission of “Fighting the Left and Cleaning Up the Right”, and it includes, yes, seeing what the Democrats are e-mailing their supporters. I haven’t subscribed to them, but a friend forwards me the ones sent out by the Democratic Party itself and the DSCC. I don’t know if there’s any better indication of just how bad things are for them this election cycle.


It’s not just the text of the e-mails, though; it’s the frequency with which they are sent out. September 30 was the deadline for the most recent fundraising quarter. On that day alone, (the official party website) sent out 7 e-mails under the names of “DNC HQ”, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and Barack Obama. Not to be outdone, the DSCC sent out 8 e-mails on that day, also under various names, including Bill Clinton.

Some of the e-mails I saw promised the chance of winning a trip to meet the President, some asked you to put your name on some petitions, but most were just nakedly begging for money. Rather than get annoyed at how they were spamming my e-mail inbox, I decided to put a post together about them so that everyone could see just how desperate they are. Here are some of the best subject lines they’ve sent out recently, in reverse chronological order (with my friend’s name scrubbed out):

  • Be the world’s greatest, [name] (10/7/14), from under Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s name.
  • I really need you (10/2/14), from the DSCC under Michelle Obama’s name (Barack not enough for her?).
  • disastrous loss (10/2/14), from the DSCC–under the name of “Democratic Victory”, of all things.
  • you’re the best (10/1/14), from the DSCC (No Tina Turner song?).
  • Do this for me (10/1/14), from
  • Friend, we’re PLEADING with you (9/30/2014), from the DSCC.
  • Do this for me, [name] (9/30/14), from under Barack Obama’s name.
  • Real talk, [name] (9/30/14), from under Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s name.
  • Fox News PANIC ATTACK (9/30/14), from the DSCC.
  • we’re begging now (9/30/14), from the DSCC.
  • You could be next, [name] (9/29/14) from
  • Friend, I’m pleading (9/29/14), from the DSCC under [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ]’s name.
  • Friend, I need you (9/29/14), from the DSCC under Barack Obama’s name.
  • Barack and I need you, [name] (9/29/14), from under Joe Biden’s name.
  • I’ll be the one booking your flight and hotel, [name] (9/28/14), from under Emily Gottschalk-Marconi’s name (who?) for an e-mail trying to entice us with the possibility of meeting Barack Obama in Los Angeles.
  • [Name], we still need you (9/25/14), from
  • It hurts to lose (9/25/14), from under [mc_name name=’Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’K000384′ ]’s name.

Evidently, they also thought including special characters in some rather vapid subject lines (along with a similarly vapid e-mail). Many of them had to do with trying to entice people to donate by offering them trips to meet Preisdent Obama, but others were used to try to draw attention to poll numbers and donation records. All of the following came from the Democratic Party itself (

  • ✈ Fly your family out to meet POTUS ✈ (10/5/14), with this trip being to New York.
  • ☞ [name]: Your supporter record ☜ (9/30/14).
  • ☼ Fly out to meet President Obama in sunny L.A. ☼ (9/26/14).
  • ☀ Fly to L.A. for free to meet the President ☀ (9/26/14), and yes, this and the preceding one were sent on the same day–within mere hours of each other.

I don’t get any of the DCCC’s e-mails, but Twitter has fortunately picked up the slack for me:

And this tweet from Jul 31:

Also worthy of mention are a few “special” e-mail subjects. I’m presuming the Democrats were trying to stay hip with the internet’s animal obsessions, as the Democrats sent out an e-mail on October 5 under Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s name titled Click to see dogs, stay for a chance to meet POTUS”. The dogs, at least, were cute, but I can’t say I’m too interested in their proposition.


As you might expect, the Democrats are continuing their “Kochs are evil!!1!1!” meme, and their e-mails are full of it (in more ways than one). One e-mail sent by the DSCC on October 1 states explicitly in its subject line, fight the Kochs (add your name)”.

And finally, it appears that the Democrats are aware of the frequency with which they are e-mailing people. One e-mail sent on September 30 by the DSCC carried the subject line You’re getting BOMBARDED with emails”. No, really?

You have to wonder just how effective all these e-mails are, but at the same time, this is the basic e-mail strategy they did use in the 2012 cycle, where the Democrats reelected Obama and made modest gains in the House and Senate. It’s not just the e-mails that are so annoying, though. It’s the silly and insipid subject lines they are given. The ones that don’t reek of desperation sound like something one of my elderly relatives might send me.

I do know this, though: however the Democrats might try to spin the state of various races around the country, this November’s sure going to be a fun one.


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