Obamacare Causes 2,130 More Insurance Cancellations in Colorado

Today’s bad news for Obamacare comes from Colorado. Thanks to the state GOP’s Tumblr (yes that platform has a real use), we now know that the ACA has caused the cancellation of 2,130 more insurance policies in the state. They note:


Colorado’s Department of Insurance (DOI) announced today in a letter to Colorado Senate Republicans that 2,320 more insurance policies in Colorado will be canceled due to ObamaCare.

Today’s news follows previous announcements from DOI on new ObamaCare cancelation numbers. In March, DOI informedColorado Senate Republicans that 1,755 more policies had been canceled in addition to the 335,000 cancelation notices already reported by the department.

And courtesy of the Colorado Senate Republicans, we have a PDF chronicling the impact of these cancellations.

Of course, there’s a Senate election in Colorado this year, where Republican Cory Gardner is in a dogfight with incumbent Democrat Mark Udall. Gardner said the following in a statement on these cancellations:

Today’s announcement is yet another reminder that Senator Udall lied to Coloradans when he promised them if they liked their healthcare plan, they could keep it under Obamacare. Senator Udall’s vote for Obamacare has hurt Colorado families and resulted in more than 335,000 Coloradans receiving insurance cancelation notices. Not only is Senator Udall responsible for these cancelations, but he also shamefully tried to cover them up when the first batch of cancelations was originally announced. Colorado deserves better. It’s time for a Senator in Washington, D.C. who will stand up for us and not blindly follow President Obama.


We need all the Senate seats we can get, so consider a donation to Cory Gardner.


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