If Democrats Are So Concerned About MAGA Republicans, Why Did They Fund Their Primary Campaigns?

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Over the past few weeks, President Biden and several prominent Democrats have rallied around the talking point that MAGA Republicans represent a dire threat to the nation.


According to President Biden, “MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” Per the president, MAGA Republicans, as well as the 80 million Americans who support the MAGA agenda, are also “semi-fascists.”

Yet, strangely, while Biden and leading Democrats are labeling their MAGA-aligned political opponents as “domestic terrorists,” their political party is spending millions of dollars funding their primary campaigns.

In fact, as reported by The Washington Post, the Democratic Party and their acolytes have spent a whopping $53 million “amplifying far-right Republican candidates.”

Of course, a cynic would say that the reason the Democrats are throwing millions of dollars to fund MAGA candidates is because they think MAGA candidates will be easy to defeat in the upcoming midterm elections. However, this also shows Democrats are desperate to maintain political power, and will do literally anything to win in November.

However, this strategy of labeling MAGA-affiliated candidates (and voters) as “extremists” while simultaneously funding their campaigns could backfire spectacularly for the Democrats on Election Day.

Most likely voters, according to a recent poll, think the “danger” posed by MAGA Republicans is “grossly exaggerated.” What’s more, 58 percent of Independent voters agree that MAGA Republicans are not “dangerous” or “trying to overthrow the Constitution.”


In reality, the MAGA agenda poses zero threat to the republic. The MAGA platform is based on commonsense conservative policies that undergird the Constitution and most Americans support.

For instance, the MAGA agenda advocates a secure border, “peace through strength,” the rule of law, the Second Amendment, due process, low taxes, necessary (but not superfluous) regulations, energy independence, federalism, individual freedom, self-responsibility, among many more sound, prudent policies.

On the other hand, the agenda supported by today’s Democrats is in point of fact a threat to the republic and the Constitution. Unlike MAGA Republicans, who seek to uphold the system of government our Founding Fathers created, Democrats desire a “fundamental transformation” of the county.

As part of their plan to fundamentally transform America, Democrats have already wrought substantial economic, social, and cultural damage.

Economically, the Biden administration and congressional Democrats are responsible for the worst rate of inflation in more than 40 years due to their unprecedented $4 trillion spending spree. Biden and Democrats have also reassigned more than $1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt to the American taxpayers, vastly increased the welfare state, and increased the IRS workforce by 87,000.


The Democrats, led by Biden, are also responsible for a massive spike in crime, a wide-open Southern border, vaccine mandates, a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, a major increase in fentanyl-caused deaths, and several other reprehensible policies.

Yet, as if that is not bad enough, they are also calling for an end to the filibuster, packing the Supreme Court, banning gasoline-powered cars, and many more unhinged and downright un-American policies.

This leads me to the conclusion that today’s Democrats, not MAGA Republicans, represent an actual threat to the republic.

And, based on the poll mentioned earlier, most Americans agree with that contention. In fact, 55 percent of likely voters are “more concerned about the Socialist left in America and the power they are gaining” than they are about MAGA Republicans.

Chris Talgo ([email protected]) is senior editor at The Heartland Institute.


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