The Curious Case Of Barack Obama's Fading Presidency

Even before I saw this Politico piece I was planning to point out how odd it is that Obama keeps picking the wrong side of all the major issues of the day.

Seventy percent favor Arizona’s immigration law so Obama calls in the DOJ dogs to take the State to Court. Sixty percent favor repeal of healthcare reform so Obama takes a victory lap around the country, with a hand out for donor dollars, telling us we’re just afraid of what we don’t understand (and, of course, gives us the obligatory “the GOP is nothing but a bunch of fear mongers” speech).


Nearly 70% are opposed to the ground zero mosque…heck, even within his OWN party there is a deepening chasm…and what does the leader of both the free world AND the not-going-to-be-in-charge-much-longer party do? He steps in it with both feet, speaking out in support of the mosque when (as the WaPo rightly points out) he never really had to even open his mouth on the matter.

Sixty five percent of us are angry at the Federal Government, so what does Obama do? He changes the bloody subject in the National dialog and picks a fight with the GOP over Social Security…an issue his first term hasn’t even mentioned so far, and one he’s had no intention of trying to address as he spends the country willy nilly into the abyss of economic collapse.

Rasmussen has him at nearly 60% disapprove, and it all sorta makes sense. He seems more interested in being President of (and choosing sides with) the least among us…that 30-40% of us out there that go along with any old thing he says and does, paying little to no attention to the mid and long term effects of his ineptitude.


It’s no wonder then that even Politico’s Roger Simon (not the smart one mind you, but the one who gets bitterly drunk and writes straw man articles about how people who oppose the mosque are equivalent to slaveowners and segregationists) sees Obama’s as a one-term Presidency.


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