Democrats: "Spending For Dummies"

We’ve seen it splattered all across the front pages; more spending for jobs, more spending for bailouts, more spending for Unemployment, more spending for Teachers and Unions and special interests. We’ve also seen deficits rise and the National debt reach numbers that don’t fit on WalMart calculators.


America is bankrupt and they (the ruling Political class) don’t even know it…or they don’t seem to care anyway. What else explains why they’d happily starve the “least among us” or force them to trample each other to death, fighting over a paltry scrap from the Master’s table?

And for all that so-called “stimulus” money that promised jobs we still don’t have, homes we still can’t afford, and infrastructure improvements (that would keep America working for a generation) that remain undone, why are we paving roads that cars can’t drive on?? Why do I have to find out about it while skimming state news about National candidates instead of seeing it splattered all across the so-called Media?

Why, with all the troubles and travails our fellow Americans continue to suffer, are we spending $150K on real bridges to nowhere? Granted, my reference is piddly little old New Hampshire…granted it’s a pretty bridge (however useless it might be for improving the lives of the locals) and granted, it’s only $150K; chump change to the rich and powerful to be sure. But I have personally been on this road many times (traveled it often to several sweet fishing spots) and I can tell you the bridge is nice to look at…and of no intrinsic value to our economic recovery. Watch the video…and pay close attention to the pic at the very end.


Hey Harry? Nance? You paying attention to where all our money is going as you spend it willy nilly in that mad dash of yours to cross the finish line first in the General election?


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