How's That Mathematical Friendship With Osama Bin Laden Working Out For You Dr. Shabazz?

I just can’t get my fill of this video in which Dr. whatever his name is Shabazz (National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party) asks his “members” for a round of applause for Osama Bin Laden. You recognize that name, don’t you? Yep-that fuzzy little fluff ball just trying to take care of his people and protect them from the evil people around the world…yeah, THAT Osama Bin Laden! Go ahead, give truth-teller Shabazz a listen and a look-see:


Refreshing stuff, that….so, when I heard that OBL’s boys over in Uganda decided it a worthy venture to kill 60 and change Africans settled in to watch a friendly Soccer match (you know, some of the folks Dr. Shabazz insists are the true Holocaust victims of mankind…(the MAAFA, if you will), I couldn’t help but notice there were no white BABIES in that field of human destruction:

Misfire? Collateral damage? Failure to communicate? How DID Shabazz’s main man kill so many Africans at a time when they’re supposed to be chumming it up and working together to solve the world’s problems of social, religious, and racial injustice by killing innocents (and a few white babies) and terrorizing the rest? And we haven’t even mentioned what OBL’s minions are doing over in Darfur…he run that by the NBPP?


Apparently, the Jew-hating, whitey-hating, baby-killing denomination of the NBPP church is not the same as the one ministered by Shabazz’s stick buddy Osama Bin Laden’s Jew-hating, whitey-hating, baby-killing denomination. More’s the pity I suppose…they coulda been great pals.


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