Watercooler 7/10/2017 Open Thread: Arkansas National Guard, Carry Spaces and Offending Spaces, All Life Matters


Arkansas National Guard

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The Arkansas National Guard traces its roots to the creation of the Territorial Militia in 1804. Interest in the Militia in Arkansas generally waxed and waned throughout the 19th century as various national emergencies arose and passed. During much of this time local militia companies were supported by private funds. Arkansas provided troops for the War with Mexico, the American Civil War, and the Spanish–American War during the 19th century.


The Arkansas National Guard experience a massive expansion between World War I and World War II. Arkansas provided many units for World War II. The 142nd Field Artillery, now re-designated as the 936 and 937th Field Artillery Battalions participated in the European Campaigns, while the 206th Coast Artillery and the 153rd Infantry served in the Aleutian Islands. The 936th and 937th Field Artillery Battalions, along with several other Arkansas Army and Air National Guard units were mobilized again for service in the Korean War.

The years following the first Persian Gulf War saw a dramatic increase in the use of National Guard units for service overseas to support various peace-keeping operations. Following the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, the National Guard transitioned from the nation’s strategic reserve to a part of the operational force. Every major unit in the Arkansas National Guard has now deployed at least once in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the state’s 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team became the first National Guard brigade to deploy to Iraq for a second time when it deployed in 2008.

Texas Judge Throws Out Profs’ Lawsuit Against Campus Carry

A lawsuit attempting to overturn campus carry laws in the state of Texas has been thrown out. Three University of Texas (UT) professors brought a suit against the Texas Attorney General and members of the UT board of regents, claiming that the Texas legislature’s decision to pass a bill allowing campus carry violated their constitutional rights. Dallas News is reporting that U.S. District Court Judge Lee Yeakel threw out the suit because it was based solely on conjecture and censorship.


Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla Look to Offend Snowflakes in “No Safe Spaces” Movie

It used to be that one of the goals of higher education was to expose students to a wide range of ideas and teach them how to critically analyze theories and philosophies and debate them with others. For decades conservative theories were frowned upon on campus and in the ivory towers of tenured faculty, but people were still allowed to speak about them. Those days have passed.

Therapy Works for US Boy with Same Disease as Charlie Gard: ‘We Feel Fortunate to be American’

The father of a six-year-old boy with the same rare genetic condition as Charlie Gard says if he had been born in the UK, he’d be dead. Arturito Estopinan was the first person in the United States to receive the experimental nucleoside therapy. ‘We saw a difference in our son in just three months.’

 Mandated death in England, under the guise of “doing what’s best for the child” (please measure my sarcasm as you wish), and in Texas, suggestions that carrying concealed on campus somehow restricts free speech and makes the classroom dangerous, even though, to the best of my recollection, every school shooting slaughterhouse has occurred because there was no one there who could shoot back.


Death to the left of us, death to the right of us, death in front of us…(h/t Alfred, Lord Tennyson). Story after story of bleeding heart, liberal progressive statists wanting to run our lives. It’s a 25 hour a day job for me to mind my OWN business…I simply don’t have time to mind anyone else’s. Give it some thought, as you enjoy the open thread…


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