Watercooler 6/19/2017 Open Thread: Alabama National Guard, School Progress, Culture Bandits


It’s time for the Monday installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s favorite open forum. We’ll open today’s dialogue with the next introduction to our States’ National Guard:


The Alabama National Guard

Alabama National Guard: Always Ready, Always There

The Alabama Army National Guard maintains 141 armories, and is present in 129 communities. The Federal mission of Alabama’s Army National Guard is to maintain properly trained and equipped units available for prompt mobilization for war, national emergency or as otherwise needed. The Alabama Army National Guard’s State mission is to provide trained and disciplined forces for domestic emergencies or as otherwise required by State laws.

The military forces of the State of Alabama began as a result of the Militia Law of 1807. Under the provisions of this law, every free white male citizen from sixteen to fifty years of age was subject to enrollment. Alabama became a state in 1819 and the Militia Law of 1820 regulated the organization and discipline of the militia. By the mid 1840s, Alabama had both a militia and volunteers. The militia was equipped by the state, the volunteers at their own expense. Alabama units rounded out the regular forces during the Mexican War. During the War Between the States, most of the Alabama Militia mustered into regiments and served in the Confederate Army.

The vast majority of Alabamians served in the Army of Tennessee while others served in the Army of Northern Virginia. The Battle of First Manassas proved to both sides that the Civil War would be a bitterly contested struggle. The brunt of the Union attack fell on the Confederate left flank. The Fourth Alabama held it’s position and repulsed several Union regiments. The gallant stand of the Fourth Alabama stalled the Union advance and gave the Confederate forces more time to regroup. The regiment played a prominent part in the fighting all day and contributed to the Confederate victory.

The heritage and traditions of the Fourth Alabama are carried on by the 1st Battalion, 167th Infantry, Alabama Army National Guard.


‘PROGRESS’: Schools Abandon ‘Unfair’ Class Rankings And Titles…

Leftists are about as obsessed with imposing “equality” on the masses as they are with making conservatives bleed. There’s been a steady push from progressives to create a society of “equals” so losers won’t feel as bad about being losers. Most of their brainwashing social engineering is focused on the children. Case in point? Schools are now ditching class rankings and titles for students altogether, in the name of fairness…

The United Nations may finally make cultural appropriation illegal

Indigenous groups around the world are currently calling on the United Nations to make the appropriation of native cultures illegal. A special committee has been asking for sanctions since 2001, long before Twitter and Instagram became the default ways for offended communities to call out BS and make their cases heard. Delegates from 189 countries are currently meeting in Geneva as part of a specialized international committee within the UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Next week, we will introduce the Alaska National Guard (brrrr…too cold for me!). Today, however, let’s enjoy the open thread…



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