Watercooler 5/29/2017 Open Thread: Memories...of many sorts...


Memorial Day: Reflections of an Army widow

May is traditionally a month of delight and expectation. Summer is drawing near, the school year will end soon, pools begin to open, maybe a beach trip is planned. I look forward to all of that. But, for me and my family, an underlying twinge of pain, sadness and loss invades our hope and anticipation of an otherwise joyful month.

They finally caught the midnight rider.

I got the news and felt at loose ends. How can this be happening? Death is final, you mean he’s never coming back, I’m never gonna see him sing “Midnight Rider” one more time, how can that be, what am I supposed to do with myself now, now that I’ve dedicated my whole life to you and your ilk, I’m not ready to join that great band in the sky, but it seems they’ve got better players than we have down here.

The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ turns 50

A half-century later, Sgt. Pepper’s, which ushered in the rock ‘n’ roll “concept album” — a collection of songs written around a central theme — and inspired musicians from Pink Floyd to Radiohead to Stevie Wonder, will be celebrated anew this month and next.

Three memories for your consideration. Enjoy the open thread…

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