Watercooler 4/17/2017 Open Thread: I'm just sayin'


University students vote to make American flag optional

Students at the University of California, Davis proved you don’t need a Bic lighter to desecrate Old Glory — you just need a majority vote. The UC Davis Student Senate passed legislation revoking a long-standing rule that required the American flag “stand visibly” at every senate meeting.


‘White Privilege Checklist’ appears in Minnesota dorm

A display in a University of Minnesota residence hall provides an 11-point “checklist” to help students identify their “white privilege.” The “White Privilege Checklist,” found hanging in Mark G. Yudof Hall and photographed by a current student, features 11 statements that ostensibly apply exclusively to white people.

Wellesley College Newspaper Editorial: We Must Punish ‘Problematic’ Thought Crimes With ‘Hostility’

Behold, the perfectly creepy and Orwellian capstone to a week of campus insanity and inanity, courtesy of the dim bulbs who populate the editorial board of Wellesley College’s student newspaper.

If you are not familiar with it, there is a great game called “Jenga”. Pull one block and place it on top, and don’t be the one who causes the tower to fall. That’s what all of these stories feel like. Our Nation is being systematically deconstructed, block by block, with the intent of rebuilding it, offering a more noble and virtuous America to the world. It’s that whole “fundamental transformation” fad from a few years ago. Unfortunately, like the game of Jenga, eventually there is no foundation to hold the Nation up, and it will all come crashing down. Game over, Nation over.


These silly little fools…they have no idea what damage they are doing!

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