Watercooler 4/10/2017 Open Thread: Holy Monday, Manic Monday


Today is Holy Monday, the beginning of the week of Easter. From Wikipedia:

Holy Monday

The Gospels tell us of some of the events that actually occurred on the day of the Biblical Holy Monday. Some of the most notable and recognizable of these were the cursing of the fig tree (Matthew 21:18-22, Mark 11:20-26), the questioning of Jesus’ authority (Matthew 21:23-27), the Cleansing of the Temple, and some diverse parables, depending on which Gospel is read.


A Crowd’s Change of Heart

Holy Monday occurred one day after Palm Sunday. Only one day before Holy Monday, the Pharisees had ordered Jesus to silence the crowd’s joyful praises (Luke 19:37-39). Five days later, Pilate would not be able to silence a crowd who condemned the Son of God (Luke 23:22-25). What did Jesus do and say during this final week that caused the crowd’s conflicting responses? Jesus would use this second day of what we now call Holy Week to demonstrate genuine faith in God and to affirm His Messianic authority.

Manic Monday – YourDictionary.com


The definition of manic is someone or something that shows wild and unrestrained enthusiasm, to the point of being in a frenzied state.
Easter’s Week is always a good time for spiritual contemplation, so I am torn between reflecting on Christ’s life and death, and wanting to smack those precious little snowflakes who seem not to realize that DEMANDING things rarely produces the desired outcome. So I will leave you with this:

A great song from a great songwriter (can you guess who?), and don’t forget to enjoy and enliven the open thread…


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