Watercooler 3/6/2017 Open Thread: When to stop caring...

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College ‘study group’ to address ‘depravity of whiteness’

According to correspondences obtained by Campus Reform, the study group was advertised in a campus-wide email forwarded to all students and faculty, explicitly encouraging white people to attend four sessions on privilege so they can “begin to be self-critical.”


Rise and Fall! Ratings Plummet for ABC’s Ambitious Gay Rights Drama ‘When We Rise

ABC can’t be accused of underplaying When We Rise, its eight-hour drama miniseries chronicling the struggles and setbacks of LGBT activists in the 20th century. However, viewership of the second part fell almost 1 million viewers from its premiere.

Back to Berkeley: AntiFa Leftists Brutally Attack Trump Supporters

Remember the AntiFa peaceful protesters from last month? Well, they caught wind of Trump Supporters exercising their pesky first amendment rights again. What happens next, really shouldn’t shock you in the slightest at this point.

At some point, there is so much, I just go numb and stop caring. I am so totally burned out on the nonstop social justice bulls**t that nothing I read surprises me anymore. However, I am a optimist at heart, feeling certain that if we can pull our collective heads out of our collective “fifth point of contact” and rise above the fray…that, in the end, there is hope for our humanity. And then, and then…I find this:

Tree Cutting Fails And Idiots With Chainsaws

This kind of thing serves as a counterweight to all of the SJW crap. We are doomed…but it is FUNNY! Please, enjoy the open thread…



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