Watercooler 12/19/2016 Open Thread: Snowflakes at Christmas

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MRC Launches ‘Save the Snowflakes’ Campaign.

Given the devastating emotional and psychological consequences of Donald Trump’s election victory on sensitive, liberal college students – a.k.a., snowflakes – the Media Research Center has launched a special project, “Save The Snowflakes.”


Even millennial snowflakes are rejecting THIS millennial snowflake website.

Digiday reported this week that the millennial “news” outlet Elite Daily — “the voice of Generation Y” — is on its way out, as its parent company “wrote down the entirety of its investment in the millennial-focused publisher, a tacit admission that the site was worthless to the company and its investors.”

Stressed-out students pet puppies, learn secrets of ‘adulting’.

Oglethorpe University and Rutgers University have joined the list of schools making sure students don’t get too stressed out by final exams and jobs. The Oglethorpe Counseling Center, for example, recently sponsored a three-hour “Stress Free Zone” on December 9, the last day of classes, where student could go to enjoy puppies and henna tattoos.

There is a part of me…a very, very, VERY small part…that feels pity for these young people. Being dumb as an oak post is no way to go through life, and you will certainly not reach your potential if you are living in a state of perpetual outrage. However, in the spirit of Christmas and good will towards all genders, I will suggest a course of action, the last, best hope for these little whiny babies…



I’m just sayin’…

To all my fellow Watercooler’ers and everyone at Redstate, I hope you will forgive my premeditated political incorrectness: Merry Christmas and a most enjoyable 2017! Enjoy the holiday open thread…


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